How can we contact you?

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Office Phone: +1 (913) 815-3678
(c) Darren: +1 (913) 961-5004
(c) Robin: +1 (913) 967-9173

Full contact details are found here on your contact us page.

What are your hours of operations?

Monday through Friday 9 to 5, Saturday 9 to 2.

If we can’t meet during your hour are there any other hours?

We can meet after hours by appointment.

How long does a special order take?

Usually two weeks

Where are trailers located?

8245 Cole Parkway, Shawnee, KS

Where are the trailers from?

Precision Trailer and K&L are made in Arkansas; STAG are made in Missouri and Titanium are
made in Georgia.

What form of payment do you take?

Cash, Check or Card (3% charge if you use card)

Do we have to pay sales tax?

Sales tax is collected on Kansas Residents only.

How much is sales tax?


Do you offer financial assistance?

We work with two companies that do offer financing. Rock Solid and Commercial Capital Company.

What is a 4 Flat connector?

Used to connect trailers lights to a vehicle

What is a 7 Round connector?

Used to connect a trailer with brakes/light to a vehicle

Do you have spares for tires?

Yes, for an additional cost.

Still have questions?

We're here to help answer your questions and find you the perfect trailer. Get in contact with us here.

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